Discover the benefits of hosting your files in the cloud.

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Access your files from the Web or directly from your favorite file browser, edit your files from your SmartPhone or tablet.


  • Music streaming: Use the integrated music player to listen to your music directly from your web browser.
  • Photo Gallery: NETCIEL Drive includes a photo gallery application that helps you organize and view your images in different file types. The photo albums are created automatically when you upload a photo.
  • Text Editor: With NETCIEL Drive, you can access and edit your documents directly in your web browser.
  • PDF reader
  • Synchronizing contacts and calendars: Like calendars, contacts are accessible through the Web interface or using other devices that work with the protocol CardDAV and CalDAV.
  • File sharing: You can share files with other users on the same drive or via a public link that you can send to anyone.
  • Multiple users and user groups
  • Maximum file size (upload) (via the Web interface): 1Gb
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Sub-domain included
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, SmartPhones and Tablets.

The benefits

With NETCIEL Drive you take advantage of a truly private space, because it is your own virtual machine (VPS server) with a up to date installation of OwnCloud. You can:

  • Have a large range of disk space: from 10GB to 250 GB.
  • Stop, start or restart your NETCIEL Drive.
  • Request more disk space (without service interruption).
  • Full administrator access on OwnCloud allowing you to create users and groups.
  • Possibility to request root access (SSH) on your NETCIEL Drive.

Data security and backups.

  • Facilities are protected with security cameras, access codes and reinforced doors.
  • Fire protection systems and alarms.
  • Redundant Internet access and electrical connections.
  • Hard disks of our servers work under RAID 5.
  • Backups are saved on a NAS professional server QNAP brand, in a RAID 5 array.

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