Major change of our Hosting Infrastructure scheduled this month

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Dear valued customers,

We are excited to announce some big changes to the systems that operate the hosting infrastructure of NETCIEL.

We aim to ensure that all our services run on the latest and fastest hardware on the market, this is why our infrastructure will be upgraded with significant enhancements.

The new environment is still within the same "Tier 1" (N + N) Data Center facility in Paris - France, with some new features like a new professional Anti-DDoS, new routers and a new IP addressing.

The servers are also changing by incorporating Intel Xeon processors D-1520. These CPUs are ultra fast and optimized for virtualization.

Timeframe and Impacts

The migration to the new infrastructure will take place in the next four to five weeks at night and weekends to minimize service interruption.

Our aim is to reduce the impacts (service interruptions and/or involvement from your staff) of this transition to a negligible level. We want the transition to be unnoticeable.

However, this update is not without consequences and we have to migrate all IP addresses to a new IP class.

What to do right now?

For now the most important thing is to prioritize the use of your sub-domain ( instead of the IP address of your VPS server.

If you own a domain name that was not purchased at NETCIEL, you will need to update the DNS Zone of your domain name with its new IP address.

We appreciate your cooperation through this transition.  You will be hearing from us soon with more details.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact specialist Support team on

Kind Regards,


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